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Our Vision

Shiv Group is group of companies dealing into sales & services of various Agriculture , Construction, Material Handling & Earthmoving Equipments & various type of other related products . With over 18 years of experience & we have worked with various industry segment mainly

Our Mission

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We are the Solution Providers & Authorised Channel Partner of Equipments of Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving, Material Handling , Various Attachments , Genuine Spares & Services ; Multi Brand Associations ;

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Shiv Equipments Private Limited
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Mountaintop Industrial Services Private Limited
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Core Values

‘Customer Delight’ shall always remain the purpose of our existence. There shall always be unwavering focus on true assessment of ‘Customer Needs’, delivering ‘Value for Money Solutions’ and beating ‘Deadlines’.  

Quality shall remain the core of all our Business Processes.

Agriculture Equipment

  • “Tractors (12 HP to 90 HP )”
  • “Sugar Cane Harvesters”
  • “Combine Harvesters”
  • “Balers”
  • “Rake, Sprayer”
  • “Pneumatic Planter,etc”


  • “Tipping Trailers”
  • “Rotavator”
  • “Planter”
  • "Leveller”
  • "MB Plough”
  • "Disc Harrow etc”

Tractor Attachments

  • “Front End Loaders”
  • “Graders”
  • “Sugar Cane grabber"
  • "Paper Grab"
  • "Pallet Fork Attachment etc"

Construction Equipments

  • “Backhoe Loaders”
  • “Skid Steer Loaders”
  • “Loaders & Graders”

Material Handling Equipment

  • “Reach Trucks”
  • “Fork Lifts”
  • “Tele Handlers”
  • “Attachments”
  • “Genuine Spares & Services”

we are leader in industrial market since 1970

We are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients. Pharetra libero non facilisis imperdiet, mi augue feugiat nisl sit amet mollis enim velit Vestibulum fringilla nulla ultricies Respondeo dicendum esset iustus.

expert engineer

We are able to guarantee satisfaction for our clients


We are able to guarantee satisfaction for our clients

quality products

We are able to guarantee satisfaction for our clients

safe & secure

We are able to guarantee satisfaction for our clients

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